Grant Write Access

Give Another User Permission to Edit a Page

After you have created a new page or if there is an existing page to which you would like to grant someone permission to edit, you can do so without giving them the ability to edit everything in your site. The ability to edit is also referred to as "write" ability," or "write access."

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Login to the CMS.

2. Navigate to the page to which you would like to grant write-access.

3. At the bottom of the screen click the the Page Settings button ().

5. The Settings for Page section will open.

6. Go to the Security tab. 

7. Options for the page are as follows:

  • Roles that Can View this Page: If you want to limit the people who can even view the content on the page, you can un-check "All Users" and check specific users. This effects not only what users can view but what pages are seen in the menu. If set to "All Users" (the default setting), anonymous (unauthenticated) users are allowed to view the page. This setting is enforced at the page level, so that even if a user who has not been checked changes the URL to navigate directly to a page, it will not be displayed if they are not given view permission.
  • Roles that Can Edit this Page: For each page on which users are granted this permission, they can:
    • Add, move, or remove modules.
    • Edit page settings (except for permissions).
    • Edit settings and content for any module contained on a page.
    • Users in this role cannot create new sub-/child-pages unless they are given the "Can Create Pages" permission (detailed below).
  • Roles that Can only Edit this Page as Draft:
  • Roles that Can Create Pages below this Page: This works in conjunction with "Page Edit" permission (detailed above). On pages for which users are granted both Page Edit and Create Child Pages, users can create new pages below that page. Newly created child pages default to the same security permissions as the parent page, but this can be changed by an Administrator.

8. Click the links in order to grant specific people or groups of people by role the permission specified.

9. There is a checkbox on the page for every user in the system. Add users to each of these groups as appropriate by checking the checkboxes next to the user names. If there are many users in your school, use "Ctrl+F" to search for specific names.

If you want to add a group of users to one of the permissions using SchoolFront roles (e.g. grant "all teachers" one or more of the permissions), you can do so:

  • There is a checkbox in the list for each role-based group. You can use "Ctrl+F" to search for the role or scroll through the list until you find the role-group. The titles of these groups begin with the name of your school and will appear alphabetically with all of the other user names on the Permissions for Page listing. For example:
    • Your School Name - Administrators
    • Your School Name - Admissions
    • Your School Name - Counselor
    • Your School Name - Development
    • Your School Name - Discipline
    • Your School Name - District User
    • Your School Name - Donor
    • Your School Name - Family
    • Your School Name - Medical
    • Your School Name - Parent Coordinator
    • Your School Name - Student
    • Your School Name - Teacher
  • If you check the boxes of any of these role-groups, you will grant all users in that role-group the permission.

9. Once you have Click the Save button.

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