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iPad Pro-Tip: The 2 Finger Scroll

Some web applications (e.g. SchoolFront) have form fields with tons of text in them. Field-heavy forms are a necessity in a database application like SchoolFront.

Frustrated users may find that using one finger you can only move the whole page around, which makes it impossible to view any off-screen text. The Student Details section in the Student Management section, for example, is pretty much impossible to view with a single finger scroll in an iPad. However, if you place two fingers on the text in the area, you can scroll that area instead of the whole page. 

Places to Try the Two Finger Scroll in SchoolFront:


  • Teacher: Gradebook Section
  • Teacher: Attendance Section
  • Teacher & Admin: Manage Students Section (in the Details area below the Data Grid)
  • Admin: Manage Staff (in the Details area below the Data Grid)
  • Admin: Manage Family (in the Details area below the Data Grid)

We suggest trying this technique whenever you find an area that isn't responding to a one-finger scroll.


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