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Update: The ability to collapse the upper and lower interface panes was released in January 2013. Use your mouse to collapse and expand the screens. 


Outdated Content: The Ability to Collapse the Data Grid is in the Development Queue

We are frequently asked why there is so little space below the data grid for perusing the "Details" of students, staff, courses, family members, etc. and the answer is that we have not yet had time to improve this area of the user interface.

We are planning on implementing a user interface feature that will allow the user to collapse the data grid when using the details area below the grid, as well as the ability to collapse the details are when the user is using filters and sorting to peruse the data grid. Making this change to user interface operability is not a negligible tasking and will require extensive coding and testing. We are working on this functionality but it's not out yet.

We'll be sure to announce it to everyone when they login to SchoolFront when the capability is finally available.

Thanks for your patience while we work on this and other important system improvements requested by you and other customers!

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