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Today SchoolFront Only Sends Proactive Alert Emails for Grades & Attendance

And by "today," we mean literally today, September 4th 2012, and for a few more weeks.

The SchoolFront Development Team is working on improving the level of control schools have over which disciplinary incidents are viewable by parents. Currently it's an all or nothing feature--either parents see all incidents or no incidents when they login to SchoolFront. In a short time there will be a new drop-down menu which will allow school staff members to make the incident visible by (1) School Staff, the Student, and the Student's Parents, (2) School Staff Only, or (3) School Disciplinary Staff and Admins Only.

Discipline at schools is a sensitive subject, so before we allowed the system to begin emailing parents automatically for every disciplinary incident created we wanted to ensure that the school had a good means of tracking ALL disciplinary incidents without having to worry about adverse exposure wither internally or externally.

We are anticipating the completion of proactive disciplinary alerting capability in late Fall/ early Winter 2012.

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