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This May Be the Result of Having Cookies Disabled in Your Browser

We use cookies to determine if a user is authenticated. 

If you are having login issues try navigating to http://www.whatarecookies.com/cookietest.asp. The page will tell you if browser cookies are enabled or disabled. If you determine that cookies are disabled, the follow the link available on that page (http://www.whatarecookies.com/enable.asp) to enable them in their browser. 

Note that if you are attempting to access SchoolFront from a company computer the company may have cookies disabled as an IT policy—in the US for example, many government agencies do not allow employees to access websites requiring browser cookies. If this is the case in your situation, you may not have the permissions necessary to make these modifications.

If, alternatively, you experience login issues and go to the “What are Cookies” page and you determine that youDO already have cookies enabled, please contact us ASAP for help!

When you contact us, please include you account information (e.g. ID, username, and email address) and your browser type and version. This situation would indicate that we are incorrect in our theory about browser cookies causing the issue and we will need to do more investigation.

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