Why Change DNS?

Why it is Necessary to Change the Domain Name System

Once you are happy with your new SchoolFront Portal CMS website and are ready to make it available to everyone, changes must be made to point your domain (e.g. "YourSchoolName.org" from your existing website server to the SchoolFront Portal CMS server. 

Server IP Address:

Automatically Aliased Common Domain Mistakes

Users may make a mistake when entering your domain so we make sure the following common mistakes are aliased:

  • www   (e.g. http://www.frontedgehighschool.com)
  • ww     (e.g. http://ww.frontedgehighschool.com)
  • w       (e.g. http://w.frontedgehighschool.com)
  • .        (e.g. http://frontedgehighschool.com)

The SchoolFront server redirects users that mistype the domain name to "www.[your domain name].com," so please use that when registering with external services like Google Analytics.

When Should You Make the Change?

You should only change the information per this document once you are comfortable with the content and design of your site as users will be able to navigate to the site after approximately 24 hours.  SchoolFront Portal is a Content Management System and you can make changes at any time so you do not have to wait until 100% of your content is in the system, but it should be to a point where you are comfortable with external users viewing the content.

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