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Safari Does Not Support Uploading Files to a Website from an iPad

If you've ever tried to upload a file in Safari on an iPad you've seen the grayed-out "Upload" or "Browse" or "Choose File" button. You can't click that grayed-out button because that is Safari's way of telling you it can't do file upload on an iPad at this time. 

Currently iOS doesn't expose a file system to the user so it cannot upload files via a web interface. Files used by apps are isolated and held in each app's local file space, so Safari is unable to access the files. Most of the apps that do allow the exchange of files like images and videos, sync files through iTunes or another intermediary resource.

Each time a new version of iOS releases there are rumors of file upload support, but we haven't seen it quite yet.

At this time, SchoolFront is researching the best means of allowing school staff members to securely upload coursework attachments and student files, from an iPad.

For now we ask that you use a non-mobile device to upload attachments for coursework and student files. PDFs render nicely in iPad, so we highly recommend uploading attachments in PDF format.

We apologize for this inconvenience.


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