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Apple's mobile devices--i.e. the iPad/iPhone--do not, and will never, natively support any embedded Flash content. This includes flash movies, slideshows, animations, etc.

Here is a letter from Steve Jobs written in April 2010 explaining the reasoning behind Apple's decision to not support Flash content:

Two examples of content providers who generate Flash-formatted content are Youtube (embedded videos) and Picasa (embedded image slideshows). If your website leverages embedded content from these or other content providers who use Flash-formatted content, your users with iPads and iPhones may have difficulty viewing that content.

The good news is that a company called Skyfire Labs, Inc. has been working to address this lapse in support by building an browser app that does support the viewing of Flash content on Apple mobile devices. It is called "Skyfire Web Browser."

It is not a free app and will cost $2.99, but if you have parents, students, and teachers who want to be able to view your Flash-formatted content, this is a solution you could recommend.

Note: Skyfire is not an app created by FrontEdge Inc., the maker of SchoolFront. We cannot guarantee that Skyfire will fix issues with the display of Flash, but based on SchoolFront Support Team research, it is a proposed solution to this problem. The SchoolFront Support Team cannot provide support to users of the Skyfire app or troubleshoot issues with the app. Purchasing Skyfire is a suggestion only and not an endorsement/requirement.

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