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Functional Changes & Enhancements

Gradebook Section

  • Added the "New Coursework" link to the gradebook so that you do not have to navigate away from the gradebook to add coursework to the system.

  • When you view coursework details in the gradebook by clicking the links to the coursework, you now have the option to edit the coursework directly from coursework pop-up window. This means you do not have to navigate away from the gradebook to edit coursework already in the system.

  • Removed intermediary pop-up for gradebook export to Excel...this simply reduces the number of clicks required to export the gradebook to Excel.

Student Section

  • Those with appropriate roles/permissions can now generate reports from the Student grid (filtered or unfiltered). This means that you can filter the Student grid to display only the students who meet specified filter criteria and then run reports for only the displayed students.  (e.g. run report cards for only 9th graders)

  • Simplified the Report List grid:

    • Combined multiple categories into one line so that the same report is not listed multiple times in the grid.

    • Added the ability to save Views.

  • A new column called "Historical Grade Count" has been added to Student grid. This count displays the total number of historical grades in the system for each student. This will help schools determine if students actually have the correct number of historical grades associated in the system after historical grades have been imported or added to the system manually.

  • Changed "Stored Grades Exclusion" columns in the "Stored Grades" tab in the "Student" record to checkbox columns.

  • The content displayed on the "Attendance" tab in the student record (e.g. the schedule) now defaults to the current week.

Staff Section

  • Improved formatting of the "Role" selection checkboxes in the "Staff" record.

  • All Staff Roles are displayed as a columns in the "Staff" grid.

Family Section

  • Changed "Family Email on Absence" column in the "Family" grid to a checkbox column.

Announcements Section

  • Improved formatting of the "Role" selection checkboxes when generating an announcement in the "Announcements" section.

Creating & Editing Notification Templates

  • "From First Name" and From Last Name" were added to the list of mail-merge fields available in the notification templates WYSIWYG editor.

Course Management Section

  • Added "Transfers" tab to course details in the "Course Management" section to display students who have transferred in and out of the course.

  • Report card grade calculations are synched across linked courses.

  • Added a new tab called "Family/Student Login" to the course details in the "Course Management" section. From this tab you can see which students enrolled in the course have logged into SchoolFront and which of their family members have logged in.

Development / Fundraising Section

  • Added "New Campaign," "New Donor," and "New Donation" quick links to the "Donations" sub-menu.

  • Added the ability to import donations information using Excel import functionality.

Mark Grades Section

  • The "Mark Grades" page now displays when the grades were updated and who updated them.

  • When rubrics are used, the rubric section of the "Mark Grades" page now displays when the grades were updated and who updated them.

  • Editable grade fields (i.e. the text-box or drop-down) are highlighted in yellow on the "Mark Grades" page if the system calculated grade has been overridden. There is no highlighting if a field is read-only.

  • The "Mark Grades" page displays a warning if the associated marking period gradebook was updated after the "Mark Grades" page was saved.

  • When rubrics are used, the "Mark Grades" page displays a warning if the gradebook was updated after the rubric section of the "Mark Grades" page was saved.

  • The "Save and Lock Confirmation" pop-up dialog on the "Mark Grades" page now includes a reminder to the user to review and save rubrics.

User Interface Improvements

  • An "info" icon has been added to text input fields in the user interface with a restricted maximum length (character limit).  This icon will change to a warning icon when the maximum length has been reached (i.e. when the user has entered or exceeded the maximum allowed number of characters).

  • Reduced wasteful grid paging white space on all grids.

  • To increase UI consistency, the word “Manage” has been removed as a prefix from menu options.

Brand New Functionality

Student Historical Grades Grid

  • A new page has been added to the system with a grid that displays all Student Historical Grades in the system. From this page you can see the historical grades of all students on a single page, can filter the grid using column filtering criteria, and can export the Historical Grades for one or more students to Excel.

User Interface (UI) Page Splitters

  • You can now hide the green left navigation menu to increase the useable (viewable) space on the right side of the user interface.

  • You can now manually adjust the size of or completely collapse the grid and the Details area below the grid on grid pages to increase the useable (viewable) space consumed by the grid and/or the details area below the grid:

    • The grid automatically maximizes when no selection is made in the grid.

    • The grid automatically splits to 50% grid : 50% Details area when a selection is made in the grid.

    • The split and un-split page resizes with browser changes.

System Bug Fixes

  • Removed extra HTML from "Test Score" Excel export.

  • Addressed the "Access Denied" error that occured when an Academic Administrator clicks on the root Report Card Grades menu item.

  • Missing assignments no longer display as a zero (0) in the gradebooks viewable by family members and students. They now display as "mi" just as they do in the teacher-version of the gradebook.

  • Not all student record tabs were displaying immediately after a new student was added to the system. These tabs now appear as soon as the new student record is inserted.

  • The "Course Transfer" tab now displays transferred-out students.

  • Addressed the error in the gradebook section when the teacher attempted to save a student grade that was not given a grade value in the "Feature Administration" section "Grade Scheme" definition.

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