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Sometimes a family will have an older child in school for several years before a younger child starts to also attend the school. If the older child is no longer "enrolled" both the older child and his parents become "inactive" in the system (i.e. their status is "inactive"). This may make it seem like the parents of the older child have disappeared or have become inaccessible so that you have to duplicate their accounts for the younger, newly enrolled child. This is not the case.

Active vs. Inactive Status in SchoolFront

The active/inactive setting on a family member is determined by the enrollment status of all studentsassociated with the family member. If the family member has any child in the current school year that is “enrolled,” the student is considered “active” because he or she is enrolled and the associated family member is considered “active” because he/she is associated with an active student. By default the system displays active students and family members. Family members can have both active and inactive students associated with them. But they remain active as long as at least one student is in the enrolled status (i.e. is “active”).

When you change the enrollment status of students to an enrollment status of anything other than "enrolled" (e.g. “transferred out” or "graduated") the students became inactive and their associated family members also became inactive. This does not mean that the information for the student and family members is now inaccessible. You simply need to remove the filter on the “status” column in the student and family grids to see the “inactive” people.  

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