Web Browser Configuration Requirements

Like most web-based applications SchoolFront takes advantage of browser capabilities including frames, pop-ups, cookies and JavaScript.  In order for users to properly login, cookies must be enabled.  To enjoy a streamlined user experience and client side data validation, JavaScript must be enabled as well.  Frames are used to embed content in the SchoolFront portal (SchoolFront's website/intranet solution). 

Checking for Cookie Support

The inability to login to SchoolFront is typically the result of not having cookies enabled. The following site can help you determine if cookies are enabled and if not, it explains how to enable them.  This site is not supported by SchoolFront but it has very helpful content. 

If you are having problems logging into SchoolFront and want to check if cookies are enabled, click here.

If you have determined that your cookies are disabled and you want to enable them, click here.

Internet Explorer Security Settings

Internet Explorer has varying security levels and security zones. In order for all features of SchoolFront to work, the SchoolFront application must be associated with nothing higher than a Medium Security Level.  One example of the results of a security level that is too restrictive is the inability to access the SchoolFront Academic Portal when it is embedded in your school's website.

There are two ways to fix a restrictive security level.1

  1. You can add *.schoolfront.com to the Trusted Security Zone and confirm that the Trusted Security Zone is set to nothing higher than Medium.  To learn more about security zones and how to change this, click here.
  2. You can change the security setting on the Internet Zone to Medium.  This will change the setting for all web sites you visit that are not contained in another security zone.  Click here for Internet Explorer 9.0.  Click here for older Internet Explorer Versions.

1 FrontEdge Inc and the SchoolFront Team are not responsible for any side-effects of changing your browser settings.  You make all changes at your own risk.

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