View Scores

View and / or Edit Student Test Scores

Any staff member can see a student's test scores, but only administrators can add tests to the system and actually log student test scores.

If you are an administrator you will also be able to edit individual student test scores in the system.

Applicable System Roles

  • Any School Staff (administrator, teacher, counselor, etc.)
  • Administrator Only can Edit Scores

Step-by-Step Instructions

View Scores for a Single Individual Student

1. Login as any type of school staff member (e.g. administrator, teacher, counselor, etc.).

2. Go to Manage Students using the left navigation menu. The Student Management grid will open.

3. Locate the student for whom you would like to enter test scores.

4. Click the student to view their profile.

5. Click the Test Scores tab.

6. If the scores are not there and they should be, contact an administrator for help. If you are an administrator and want to add scores, click here.

View Scores for All Students in a Single Screen / Grid

One of the best parts about tracking assessment scores in SchoolFront is the ability to use them for reporting and analysis purposes. To view all student assessment scores in a single data grid (instead of viewing the scores of a single student only), follow these steps:

1. Login to SchoolFront.

2. In the left navigation menu click Student Test Scores.

3. A page will open with a grid containing all test scores that have been added to the system.

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