Understanding Roles

Understanding User Roles in SchoolFront

To use SchoolFront you must be added to the system. When you are added to the system, the person who adds you will give you one or more roles in the system. Roles define what you can and cannot do and see in the system.


  • Ms. Murphey is a teacher in her school, but she has also volunteered to help maintain parent/guardian records in the system. When she is added to the system, she is given two roles: (1) teacher, and (2) Parent Coordinator. This means that she can login to the system as a teacher and will be able to manage her courses and student academic information, but she can change her role to Parent Coordinator if she needs to add, remove, or change parent information for a student or students.

  • Jane Brown is a student in her school. When she is added to the system, she is given only the student role. This means that when she logs into the system, she is only able to see her own academic information and school announcements that are targeted specifically to students.

  • Mr. Stephens has two children in the school: (1) Gary Stephens, and (2) Melissa Stephens. When he is added to the system, he is given only the parent role, and is associated with his two children in the system. This means that when Mr. Stephens logs into SchoolFront he can see the academic information of both of his children, but cannot see the information of any other children.

Roles Overview


In SchoolFront Administrator users have the most power. They are able to view the information of all users from their school and can add, edit, and remove users from their school. They also have the ability to use SchoolFront's communication capabilities and can do bulk imports of information into the system (e.g. Administrators can import students in bulk rather than entering them into the system one-at-a-time.).

The administrator role can be given to any appropriate staff member in the school, not just actual school administrators or administrative staff (e.g. A teacher could be given the role if the school wants him or her to have administrator powers in the system.).

All schools must have at least one Administrator user. The SchoolFront Support Team will add the school's first Administrator user to the system when they add the school to the system for the first time. This first Administrator user will be able to add other Administrator users if necessary.


In SchoolFront Teacher users are able to view the information of all students in the school (including academic, disciplinary, and personal information), but are able to manage only their own courses and course enrollment. This includes adding and removing courses, defining grading structure for their courses, managing student enrollment in their their courses, and tracking grades and attendance for each student enrolled in their courses.


In SchoolFront Student users can login and see only their own personal academic information. They cannot access the information of any other students or teachers and are unable to see private notes entered into the system by school staff members.

Administrator users can manage the school calendar and can create announcements specifically for students, which students are able to view along with their grades and attendance record by logging into SchoolFront.

Parent / Guardian / Mentor

In SchoolFront Parent / Guardian / Mentor users are all associated with one or more students. These users can login and only see the information of the student(s) with whom they have been associated.

Administrator users can manage the school calendar and can create announcements specifically for parents, which parents are able to view along with the grades and attendance record of their child or children by logging into SchoolFront.

Parent Coordinator

In SchoolFront Parent Coordinator users can add, edit, and remove parents in the system using SchoolFront bulk importing capability.


In SchoolFront Counselor users have minimal editing and adding capability but are able to view academic, disciplinary, and personal information for all students in the school.

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