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Analyze Your Site's Traffic Using Google Analytics

The CMS allows you to analyze website traffic using Google Analytics. Google Analytics gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back. 

Before you can link you CMS site to Google Analytics you must sign up for a Google Analytics account.

Add Your Google Analytics Key to Your CMS Site

When you create your Google Analytics account, you will be given a key / code / tracking ID. Google will advice that you paste code between the <head> tags in your page code, but the CMS makes integrating your tracking code even easier.

  1. Login to the CMS as an Administrator.
  2. At the bottom or top of your screen (it varies depending on your website design), click Administration.
  3. Next click Site Settings.
  4. Next Click the API Keys tab.
  5. There is a field called Google Analytics Account Code. Enter your code there. Include the whole code, which will be something like UA-12345678-3.
  6. Click the Save button.

It may take a day or so for Google to recognize the ID and begin tracking your traffic. You can link to Google Web Master Tools using the same key.

Track Conversions from Your Online Forms in Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to setup "goals" which let you know when visitors complete individual actions (i.e. "conversions"). Goals are a versatile way to measure how well your site or app fulfills your objectives. You can set up individual Goals to track discrete actions, like transactions with a minimum purchase amount or the amount of time spent on a screen. For more information on configuring Google Analytics Goals, check out the Google Analytics Help.

One common conversion type website administrators frequently track is visitors filling out forms on the site, such as the "Contact Us" form or the "Inquire About Admissions" form, or the "Apply Now" form. This is easily accomplishable with the CMS.

Create a Goal URL for Your Forms

The instructions for configuring Google Analytics are detailed in Google Analytics Help. You'll note that you need a Goal URL to complete the configuration of each of your Goals. Using the URL of the page on which a form resides won't work because that won't tell you if visitors to the page have completed and submitted the form.

Note: This will only function if you have already set up a Google Analytics account and have added your Google Analytics tracking code to your CMS site on the API Keys tab in the Site Settings.

To create a URL for a form in your site:

1. Login to the CMS as a system administrator.

2. Navigate to the page in your site with the Form Wizard Pro web-part.

3. Click the Settings link () for the web-part.

4. In the General Settings area you will see a field called Form Submit Analytics Tracking Url.

5. Enter an arbitrary, but unique URL end here, such as "/myformsubmit" or "/admissions-inquiry-submit." Make sure you start it with "/"

6. Click the save button. This is the URL you will use when you follow the Google Analytics Help instructions to add a Goal to your already-configured Google Analytics account.

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