Track Donations

Track Donations / Gifts from Donors in SchoolFront

Pivotal to any fundraising / development solution is the ability to track successful donations received against your campaign goals. It's important to know how much you had hoped to raise, how much you have spent raising the funds, how much you have raised, and how much you have remaining in your goal before you have successfully met your goal(s).

At the conclusion of a campaign it's important for reporting and allocation purposes to know how much has been raised and to which goals the funds should be allocated per the desire of your donors.

Having donation information is also important to your future fundraising efforts as this data may help you better plan and target solicitations in the future:

  • Who donates large amounts?
  • Who donates small amounts?
  • Who recently donated and shouldn't be bothered?
  • Who likes giving to athletics-goal targeted campaigns?
  • Who buys raffle tickets?
  • Are candy bar selling campaigns even profitable?

These questions and more can be answered if you characterize your donors and track good donation data.

Donation Tracking Overview

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