Ensure Users Know How to Get System Support

SchoolFront provides a suite of technical support tools to meet the support needs of all users and limit impact to the school or district's IT staff. These support tools are backed by the able and resourceful members of the SchoolFront Support Team who promptly and comprehensively address support requests when users cannot find the help they need in the online support tools alone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Blog

When users encounter issues using SchoolFront or simply do not know how to do something specific in the software, the first place they can go for insight is the SchoolFront FAQ page in the SchoolFront Support Portal.

SchoolFront FAQ content is maintained by the Support Team in a blog format, which they continually add to and edit to ensure relevancy and comprehensiveness. In this format users can rate the helpfulness of the SchoolFront FAQ content so that other users can skip to the most helpful content and so that the Support Team can revise or otherwise increase the helpfulness of low-rated content.

The SchoolFront Support Team posts the questions and responses to many user inquiries submitted via the “Request Help” form to the SchoolFront FAQ blog, so there is a good chance that users will find the answers they are looking for in this section of the Support Portal.

Request Support

Users who discover bugs or who would like to receive assistance from a member of the SchoolFront Support Team can submit a Help Request using a form in the SchoolFront Support Portal.

The SchoolFront Support Team will respond promptly to requests and, if necessary, the development team will address critical bugs.

Generally if the Support Team is able to answer a user’s question, they will post the question and response to the SchoolFront FAQ Blog so that other users can benefit from the content. Bug fixes and system patches are applied centrally to the SchoolFront system so that all users, not just the user who reported the bug, reap the benefit of the fix.

New Feature Request

 The SchoolFront Development Team works to continuously improve the features and functionality to address the evolving needs of SchoolFront users by means of customer feedback and industry research/benchmarking.

Users who would like, or who need, new system features or reports (or even adjustments to existing features or reports) can submit requests through the SchoolFront Support Portal.

If a requested report or new/enhanced functionality is critical to a teacher, administrator or district  but is deemed by The SchoolFront Team to be of proprietary value only to the school or district from which the request came, the Support Team will reach out to the district administrators to discuss custom development. All special services and costs, if applicable, are identified and agreed upon prior to the start of custom development activities.

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