Lock & Submit Grades

Lock Gradebook & Submit Grades to Report Card Administrator

Make sure that you have finished reviewing report card content for all students for the whole course, including (if applicable):

  • Semester Test Grades Are All Entered (if this is a Summary Marking Period)
  • Semester Report Card Grades Are All Correct / Overridden
  • Semester Report Card Comments Are All Entered (Optional)

If you are ready to submit your grades to the Report Card Administrator, notifying them that you are ready for him or her to print report cards, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Save and Lock Grades button.

Your grades will be sent to the Administrator and you are done with the course! Repeat for all courses.

  • Note: Once you submit your Semester grades the Mark Grades section will lock and become read-only so that you can no longer edit test scores, grades, or comments for any student.

If you submit your grades in error or realize that you need to make a change after you have submitted them, contact your Report Card Administrator for help.

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