The Student Log

Capture Teacher Narratives for Miscellaneous Reporting Purposes

The Mark Grades section of SchoolFront is used by teachers to review and approve end-of-marking period gradebook scores for report card generation. If your school allows or requires teachers to include either personalized narratives or pre-defined comments on report cards, those comments/narratives are also collected in the Mark Grades section at the same time the teacher is reviewing and approving scores.

The SchoolFront Development team recognized that there are other times in the school year when teacher narratives are required for student reporting and documentation purposes--Some examples include Student Progress Reports, academic reports (used in lieu of transcripts by some international schools), and Individualized Education Plans (EIPs).

Since there are potentially many uses for such narratives, the team added the "Student Log" section of SchoolFront with log categories defined by the school which can be used by the SchoolFront system to generate non-report card reports that require teacher narratives.

Situations in Which the Student Log is Currently Used

  • Student Progress Report
  • Academic Report
  • Post Teacher Comments in the Family Portal (for Parents/Guardians)
  • Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
    IEP-related functionality is under construction and not yet available.

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