Manage Student Application

Manage Student Applications for Admission to Your School in SchoolFront

In SchoolFront, the term "Admissions Management" refers to the configuration (set-up) of a school's unique admissions process in the system and then the management of student admissions applications through the defined process.

Prerequisite Steps

If you have not yet completed any of the following steps, please take the time to complete them all before you proceed.

  1. Enable Admissions Functionality in SchoolFront
  2. Understand How Admissions Management Works in SchoolFront
  3. Add Your School's Admissions Requirements to the System
  4. Create a Library of Admissions Process Steps
  5. Set-up Your School's Unique Admissions Programs

Step-by-Step Process

Follow these steps to manage the application of a student for admissions at your school.

  1. Add a New Student Applicant to the System
  2. Manage Student Progress Through Application Process
  3. Enroll Applicant or Otherwise Terminate Application Process
  4. Add a Application for a Prospective Student to an Existing Parent in the System

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