SF Portal CMS for Webpage Content Editors

Managing Web-Page Content in SchoolFront Portal CMS

This section is useful both to system administrators and to those who are given their own web-page(s) in the system to manage such as teachers, coaches, advisors, department heads, admissions folks, etc.

This section is a good place to start for people who have just been given the ability to edit one or more CMS web-pages.

It is a bit of a web-page management getting started guide.

Permissions: Web-Page Ownership & Editing Ability

You will not be able to add and/or remove web-parts if you do not have permission to edit the page.

A system administrator from your school must either create a web-page for you with permissions configured that will allow you to edit the page(s), or must give you permission (via system configuration) to edit an existing page in your SchoolFront Portal CMS website.

The staff at SchoolFront and folks on the SchoolFront Support Team are not allowed to grant anyone access to your school's systems, so if you need access, please contact an administrator at your school for assistance. If you do not know who to contact, please let us know and we will help you to figure it out.

Critical Page Owner Topics

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