Setup Scheduling

Configure the System to Support the Scheduling of Course Sections

Configuring schedules in SchoolFront takes some significant upfront work. The effort is rewarded if you truly need the functionality which is an output of the scheduling configuration:

  • Easy to Print and Manage Individual Student Schedules
  • Easy to Print and Manage Individual Teacher Schedules
  • The Ability to Instantly Report Attendance at the Start of Each Period
  • Differing Seating Charts for Each Period

Important Note: Student in some schools / grades are not issued individual student schedules and they do not manage their days, rather teachers manage their days. Such students spend the majority of the day in one place, moving only occasionally to attend specialty-focused activities like physical education or music. Generally attendance for such students is taken once a day, first thing in the morning rather than every period.

For such schools, this whole section (Setup Scheduling) can be skipped and course sections will not be actually scheduled, which will allow teachers to optimally manage curriculum for pre-schoolers without the administrative burden of the unnecessary association of courses with a time of day and location.

Define Level of Teacher Participation in Scheduling Management

Enable / Disable Course Section Management by Teachers
Enable / Disable Course Enrollment Management by Teachers

Facilities & Rooms

Enter All Room Features Important to Scheduling
Enter All Rooms Used for Scheduling & Discipline

Define Schedules

Identify All Scheduling Permutations

SchoolFront supports the configuration of multiple differing scheduling days. Some schools use a single schedule with the same periods starting and ending at the same time daily, others have different schedules depending on the day of the week, and still others have alternating schedule configurations (i.e. and A-Day, B-day, C-day etc.). 

Before you begin this part of the configuration, make sure you have all permutations of scheduling identified and ready for modeling in the system.

Configure Class Periods
Enter All Class Days
Define Period Scheduling for Each Day


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