Send Notification w/ Custom Fields

Send a Notification with Custom Fields to a Recipient

Applicable System Roles

  • Human Resources
  • Administrator

Prerequisite Steps

  1. Create Custom Field Notice Templates

Step-by-Step Instructions

You can only send custom notifications to one recipient at a time (but you can cc others on the notification).

Send Notice of Wage/Salary to a Single Recipient
  1. Go to Active Employees in the left hand vertical navigation menu. 
  2. Find the employee to whom you would like to send the notice. 
  3. Click the employee to open his/her Details in the area below the grid.
  4. In the Details area below the grid, click the Send Notification link. 
  5. A little dialog will open. 
  6. Choose the correct Notification Category from the drop-down menu. 
  7. Choose the correct Notification Template from the drop-down menu. 
  8. Select Email or PDF radio button (emails will be sent directly from the system to the recipient and those cc'd but PDFs must be printed and delivered to the recipient). 
  9. Fill in the the custom fields for the recipient. 
  10. If you want the notice to go to the recipient's digital personnel folder, check the Add to Personnel Folder checkbox. 
  11. Determine who should receive the notification by checking the appropriate checkboxes under Recipient:
    • Manager = The employees manager will receive a copy of the email with the employee's username and password. 
    • Selection = The employee his/herself will receive a personalized version of the notification.
    • Self = You (the sender) will receive a personalized version of the notification. (Sometimes senders like to send to self as a "sanity check" or confirmation that the notification is working as they desired.
  12. Enter the Subject of the Email (e.g. Your Digital Notice of Wage/Salary: Please Review & Approve).
  13. Add persons to CC. Note that each person identified will receive 1 notification for each recipient specified with the checkboxes...So if the student has 10 family members defined in the system and checked the "All Family" checkbox, CC'd individuals will receive 10 emails--one personalized for each family member.
  14. Click the Preview button to see what the personalized notification will look like. Review the content and make sure you like it. If there is something you do not like, you may need to either make corrections to the custom field information you entered or cancel this notification for the time being and edit the template.
  15. Click the Create Notification button. If you selected "email" the email will be sent to the recipient and to those cc'd. 

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