Security Settings

Configure or Change Security Settings

In the Security Settings area of the Feature Administration section Administrator Users can:

  • Change the minimum length of student and staff passwords.
  • Set the number of password changes staff and students must make before they can reuse a password.
  • Configure the number of minutes that will pass before a user's session times out.
  • Set the number of days before a new password expires.

Applicable System Roles

System users with the following roles can do this:

  • Administrator Only

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Log into SchoolFront as an Administrator user.

2. In the left navigation bar, place your mouse on Feature Administration, then Feature Administration page will appear.

3. Click Security Settings. The Security Settings page will open.

4. Click the Edit icon.

5. Change the settings to those you wish to use in the school.

6. Click the Save button to save the changes you made.


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