SchoolFront Portal CMS

What is SchoolFront Portal CMS?

The Newest SchoolFront System Component

SchoolFront Portal is a web content management system (CMS). It provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with limited knowledge of web programming languages and graphic design to create and manage professional-looking webpages with easy to generate and update content.

SchoolFront Portal CMS is the newest component in the SchoolFront system and is optional. It can completely replace a school's current public website or be used in addition to the school's current website (e.g. for internal-only / Intranet purposes).

Integration with SchoolFront MIS

SchoolFront Portal CMS integrates with SchoolFront's management information system (MIS)--the system school staff members use to manage school operations. It also aggregates and either displays or links to the school's other online content, which is frequently disjointedly distributed across the Internet (e.g. blogs, calendars, Facebook, Twitter, Picassa, Flickr, etc.) creating an attractive school-branded single online point-of-information-access for all parents, students, donors, alumni, etc.

  • Click here for more information about the integration of the MIS and CMS.

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