School Calendar

The School's Official Calendar in SchoolFront

Each school in the SchoolFront system has a calendar for the school. Administrators use the calendar to define non-attendance days like "No School" holidays, and days where only staff members report.

On days defined as "No School" or "Staff Only," the system will not allow teachers to take attendance. When parents look at the attendance summary for their child, they will see that there was no school rather than that their child was absent.

At minimum, it is a good idea to put all official holidays into the calendar, but you can put in any events or notices that are important to those in the school. For example:

  • Orientation Days
  • 1st Day of Classes
  • Last Day of Marking Periods
  • Report Card Days
  • Mid-term and Final Exams
  • Winter Break
  • Spring Break
  • Holidays
  • Graduation
  • Etc.

Administrators users are currently the only users who can add events to the calendar but all users (teachers, parents, counselors, students, etc.) can view the calendar if they login to SchoolFront.

school calendar example

Find your role and select the action that you would like to take.


All Other Staff (e.g. Teachers, Counselors, etc.)

Note: If you are not an administrator user but would like to have an event added to the calendar or see an event on the calendar that should be changed or updated, contact one of your school's designated administrator users for help.

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