Schedule Management In SchoolFront

SchoolFront does not yet support the generation of an optimal master school schedule based on requirements / parameters defined by the school. Currently SchoolFront can be used to track schedules defined by the school. Once a school’s schedules are defined in SchoolFront it is easy to view digital student and teacher schedules or print schedules.

Generally speaking SchoolFront Schedule Management works like this:

  1. Create a master course catalog with a set of master courses.
  2. Define rooms for your school and make the rooms available for course scheduling.
  3. Define time-blocking (periods) for your school.
  4. From each master course in the catalog create as many sections of the course as necessary. There may be one or more sections. Typically each section is associated with (1) a teacher, (2) a day/time, and (3) a location.
  5. Once sections are defined enroll students in the sections.
  6. Once a student is enrolled in all appropriate classes you can view/print the student’s schedule as well as easily make edits to the schedule.

Applicable System Roles

  • Administrator

Step-by-Step Instructions

If you wish to use SchoolFront schedule management for your school or district you must first enable it. After it is enabled there are a several tasks that must be done to create schedules.

To enable schedule management:

1. Go the Feature Administration section using the left navigation menu.

2. In the Scheduling section click Feature Configuration. The Scheduling Settings page will open.

3. Check the checkboxes that apply for your school:

Check Box Title Select if...
Enable Master Course Catalog You want to maintain a Master Course Catalog from which you will annually (or several times a year) create course sections.
Teachers Can Edit Enrollment You want teachers to be able to make changes to course section enrollment if they are the primary teacher of that course section.
Teachers Can Add Course Sections You want teachers to be able to add their own course sections (this is a good way to spread out responsibility of system configuration to more than just Administrative resources).

4. Click the Save button.

Tasks Required to Create Schedules in SchoolFront

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