Salary Adjustments

Automating the Calculation of Employee Salary Adjustments

In many schools and districts, salary adjustments (i.e. employee rates of pay typically entailing raises in pay) are calculated (usually annually) based on employee contract terms. 

SchoolFront provides functionality to track contract terms (salary calculation "rules") for discrete segments of employees which are then used by the system to automatically calculate new employee salaries based on the employees' starting/current salaries and the contract terms configured.

Using SchoolFront to calculate salary adjustments reduces manual effort and decreases the impact of human error on the calculations.

Tracking this information in SchoolFront also allows schools to issue paperless digital Notices of Wage/Salary in compliance with the New York State Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA).

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Setup Digital / Electronic Personnel Folders for Employees (i.e. if this hasn't already been done)
  2. Configure Wage/Salary Calculation Terms/"Rules"
  3. Execute Employee Salary Adjustments
  4. Audit the Employee Wage / Salary Calculation Output
  5. Issue Digital Notices of Wage / Salary
  6. Track Employee Approval / Confirmation of Digital Notices of Wage / Salary

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