RISE Mentor Tools

Provide Mentorship to Your Assigned RISE Mentees

As a RISE Mentor, you will meet with your mentees on a regular basis to review the RISE responsibility forms submitted by other staff members, to examine the mentees' aggregate RISE points (RISE Summary), and to submit reports on behalf of mentees to the RISE Committee.

This information is gathered for your assigned mentees in SchoolFront to make your job as a mentor easier.

Applicable System Roles

  • RISE Mentor

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. View Your RISE Mentees

  2. View and Manage Your Mentees' RISE Responsibility Forms

  3. View Your Mentees' RISE Summaries and Make Notes/Comments

  4. Monitor Changes Made to Your Mentees' RISE Levels

  5. Review RISE Committee Comments on Student RISE Summaries

  6. View and Manage Your Mentees' RISE Files

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