Map Master Courses to Requirements

Indicate Which Courses Meet the Requirements in Your Graduation Set(s)

Students will be expected to take courses that will meet the requirements in the graduation set so that they can receive a diploma (i.e. so they can graduate).

For the system to know how many requirements the students have met and how many they still need to meet, you must map master courses from your course catalog to requirements in a graduation set.

Different Approaches

You can do this in several different ways in SchoolFront. We recommend that you choose one of the ways rather than mixing approaches for simplicity sake: 

  • Course Groups
    Create groups of courses in the Feature Administration section, then return to the requirements in the graduation set and indicate a single course group for each requirement. 

  • Credit Types
    Tag each course in your master catalog with a "credit type" code (you fabricate your own codes), then return to the requirements in the graduation set and indicate which credit types can meet the requirement. You can specify multiple credit types in the list with comma separation. 

  • Course List
    This feature is in development and is currently not operational if selected.

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