Manage Report Cards

The Marking Period Grade Submission Process & Report Card Creation

The generation of report cards at the end of the marking period is generally a highly collaborative process involving the aggregation of final marking period grades from many teachers who generally also have many classes and many students. This can be a daunting undertaking without tools to help.

SchoolFront allows administrators to configure the system to generate report cards that meet the school or district's unique requirements.

At the end of each marking period teachers are given a user-friendly dashboard of grades for each student in each of their classrooms to confirm, comment on, and submit for reporting purposes. Administrators are given oversight into the whole process, tracking which teachers have and have not submitted grades.

Finally, when all grades are confirmed and submitted by teachers, administrators generate report cards with a few mouse clicks and then store report card grades in each student's historical record for reporting purposes (e.g. transcript generation).

Step-by-Step Instructions

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