Private / Secure Pages

Create Private / Secure Pages Only Viewable By Certain People

If you want to make certain pages viewable only by certain people in the system, you can do so in several ways:

  • Allow only people with a username and password to view the page (all parents, students, and staff but no strangers without passwords).
  • Allow only people with a specific SchoolFront role to view the page (standard role-grouping examples are: administrators, admissions, counselor, development, discipline, donor, family, medical, parent coordinator, student, teacher).
  • Allow specific people from the school to view the page (using their real names or user names).

This permission effects not only what users can view but what pages they are able to see in the menu. The default setting allows "all users" to view pages. This means that anonymous (unauthenticated) visitors to your website are allowed to view the page.

If the page is made private to specific people, even if a visitor who has not been given access to the page changes the URL to navigate directly to a page, it will not be displayed (they will receive a message telling them that they do not have permission to view the content).

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Login to the CMS.

2. Navigate to the page to which you would like to grant write-access.

3. At the bottom of the screen click the the Page Settings button ().

5. The Settings for Page section will open.

6. Go to the Security tab. 

7. Click the option called "Roles that Can View this Page:" By default, all people can view the page (unless this is the sub-page of a parent page with specifically applied view permissions).

8. If you want to limit the people who can even view the content on the page, begin by un-checking "All Users".

  • If you want only people who have authenticated (logged in) to see the page, including all students, parents, and school staff, check the box next to "Authenticated Users." You can use "Ctrl+F" to do a quick search for it in the list.
  • If you want all users of a specific SchoolFront role or set of roles to see the page, there is a checkbox in the list for each role-based group. You can use "Ctrl+F" to search for the role or scroll through the list until you find the role-group. The titles of these groups begin with the name of your school and will appear alphabetically with all of the other user names on the Permissions for Page listing. For example:
    • Your School Name - Administrators
    • Your School Name - Admissions
    • Your School Name - Counselor
    • Your School Name - Development
    • Your School Name - Discipline
    • Your School Name - District User
    • Your School Name - Donor
    • Your School Name - Family
    • Your School Name - Medical
    • Your School Name - Parent Coordinator
    • Your School Name - Student
    • Your School Name - Teacher
  • If you want to allow only specific people from the school to see the page, there is a checkbox on the page for every user in the system. Add users to each of these groups as appropriate by checking the checkboxes next to the user names. If there are many users in your school, use "Ctrl+F" to search for specific names.

9. Once you have Click the Save button.

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