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Understanding Standard Vs. Summary (Aggregate) Marking Periods

Marking Periods

The term “marking period” in schoolfront refers to a defined period of time with a specific start- and end-date during which courses run and scores on coursework are aggregated by teachers in their schoolfront gradebooks.

At the conclusion of the marking period, an overall marking period grade is calculated by the system for each student based on the configuration of the system by both school administration and by teachers for courses.

Summary (Aggregate) Marking Periods

Summary marking periods are marking periods made up of sub-marking periods and are configured by administrators using overlapping marking period dates.

An example is a “school year” with two “semesters” made up of two “quarters” each. In a school with this marking period schema the “school year” or “final” grade could be calculated by averaging the two semester grades which are calculated by averaging the grades from the two quarters of which each semester is comprised.

How to Submit Marking Period Grades for Report Cards

Which type of marking period do you want to submit grades for?

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