Pay Variable Group Setup & Management

Use Pay Variable Groups to Associate Pay Variables w/ Segments of Employees

Employee salary / wage data imported from external payroll systems typically includes a series of pay variables (or "pay codes") that itemize and value components employee salaries / wages. Pay variables may for example include things like:

  • Employee Base Salary
  • Employee Base Hourly Rate
  • Extracurricular Activity Stipend
  • Masters Degree Stipend

When data is imported there will usually be many, many pay variables only certain of the pay variables are applicable to the salary calculations of all employees. For example, in a school only teachers may be contractually eligible to receive a stipend for earning a Master's Degree. 

Creating multiple Pay Variable Groups in SchoolFront allow you to define which pay variables are relevant to which groups of employees. Ultimately, each pay variable group will be linked to a Group Profile and will be used by the system to calculate wage / salary adjustments. 

This section explains how to create Pay Variable Groups. 

Applicable System Roles

  • Administrator
  • Human Resources

Step-by-Step Instructions

Important Note: It is assumed that the integration between the payroll system and SchoolFront is established and operational. If your integration is not operable, please contact SchoolFront Support for help before proceeding: 

Once the integration is operable, the system should auto-import all pay variable types such that they are available to you when doing the following procedure: 

  1. Place your mouse on Salary Adjustments in the left hand navigation menu so that the sub-menu appears. 
  2. From the sub-menu select Pay Variable Groups
  3. Click New Pay Variable Group link at the top of the grid. 
  4. Enter a Group Name--we suggest naming something similar to name of the group of employees with whom it will be associated (e.g. "teachers").
  5. Enter a Group Description (optional). 
  6. Check the "enabled" checkbox. 
  7. Click the Insert button. 
  8. Click the Associated Pay Variables tab. 
  9. Click the New Pay Variable link. 
  10. Check the checkbox(es) beside all pay variables that are relevant to the group. 

    Note: If there are no pay variables or if one or more of the pay variables you need is missing, this may indicate a problem with the integration between SchoolFront and your payroll system. Please contact support for help:
  11. Click the Save button.
  12.  Repeat this process for all employee groups you have that have applicable pay variables importing from your payroll system. 

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