Paste Content from Word into Editor

Prepare Content in Microsoft Word & Then Paste into WYSIWYG Editor

A very neat function of the WYSIWYG editor is the ability to copy content from a Microsoft Word document and paste it into the editor using this button icon (). The content you copied will be pasted WITH all of the Microsoft Word formatting, but WITHOUT all of the junk markup (code) that often results when you try to copy  and paste from Microsoft Word into an HTML editor. Even tables will be maintained when you paste them from Microsoft Word.

This makes it easy to transform content that was previously prepared in Microsoft word into web-page content. It also means that if you are more comfortable writing in Microsoft Word than in the WYSIWYG editor, you can prepare your web-content in Word and then paste it into your web-page.

As cool as this feature is, if you for some reason want to copy text from Microsoft Word and paste the text without the formatting (or let's say you want to copy all of the text from a table but then you want to paste it into the editor without the table partitioning) try pasting with the plain text button/icon () instead.

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