Create a Notification & Labels

Print Mailing Labels with a Printed Notification

These instructions will allow you to create both a PFD document generated from one of your Notification Templates AND and accompanying word document generated from a selected label template. You will download and print both documents at the end of this workflow.

If you are only interested in generating labels, go here: Print Mailing Labels without Also Printing a Notification.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Generating Both a Notification (PDF) & Labels (Word)

1. Go to one of the grids on which Notification capability is enabled (e.g. the Manage Admissions grid, Manage Students grid, Manage Staff grid, Manage Family grid, etc.).

2. Just as you normally do before sending any notification from SchoolFront, filter the grid such that it reflects only the individuals for whom you want the notification and accompanying labels created.

3. Click the Send Notification link at the top of the grid.

4. Select a Notification Category from the drop-down menu.

5. Select a Notification Template from the other drop-down menu.

6. Click the PDF radio button.

7. Choose the label template from the Label Templates drop-down menu.

8. Select recipients.

9. Click the Create Notification button.

10. Two different files will be created:

  • A PDF with the Notification created from the Notification Template you selected.

  • A Word document with the Labels created from the Labels Template you selected.

11. Click the link that says Click here to download for each file. Download both files to your computer.

12. Open the files.

13. Print the PDF using regular printer paper.

14. Print the Word document using label paper.

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