Non-Graded Coursework

Manage Non-Graded Coursework in SchoolFront

Adding graded coursework, like a test or project or homework, into the system allows teachers to track grades for the coursework and allows parents and students to see what is assigned and what is due when they login to SchoolFront.

On the other hand, non-graded coursework includes things like class notes, study reminders, field trip notifications, etc. that teachers want to track and want parents and students to see when they login to SchoolFront, but that don't require grading.

  • Example: A teacher can post class notes every day as non-graded coursework in SchoolFront along with relevant attachments (e.g. word documents, pdf's, etc.) so that students can access the information at any time by logging into SchoolFront.

Once graded and non-graded coursework has been entered into the system, it can also be edited and deleted.

Applicable System Roles

System users with the following roles can do this:

  • Teacher

Step-by-Step Instructions

Add Graded Coursework to the System

1. Login to SchoolFront as a teacher.

2. Select Coursework from the left navigation menu.


3. At the top of the page, select the course for which you wish to add coursework.


4. Select the marking period in which you want to add coursework from the drop-down menu.

marking period

5. Click the New Coursework link.

new course

6. A form will open in which you must enter details about the coursework. Enter all of the details:


► Title - Enter a name for the coursework that will make it easy to identify.

► Grade Category - To make this new coursework non-graded, leave the grade category as "not graded." This way it will appear for students and parents when they login, but will not appear in the gradebook. 

 Assigned Date - This is the date on which you will issue the coursework to students.

► Due Date - This is the date on which the coursework is due to be handed in. 

 Max Score - Leave this blank for non-graded coursework. 

► Description - Describe the assignment (e.g. provide instructions).

 Private Notes - These notes will be visible only to you and those on the teaching team. Parents and students will not be able to see these notes if they login to SchoolFront. 

► Associated Files - If you have a document or other file that you would like to attach to the assignment, click the Add file link.

7. When you have filled in all of the information, click the Insert button to save the new coursework.

insert button

NoteOnce graded and non-graded coursework has been entered into the system, it can also be edited and deleted.

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