New Student Application

Initiating a Student Application in SchoolFront

The admissions process is kicked off when a prospective student family shows interest in applying for admission to one of the school's programs. This can happen when a parent/guardian sends an email to the Admissions office, fills out an admissions form on the school website, or calls the admissions office to discuss the school and application process. 

For each new prospect, a member of the school's admissions staff should initiate a new program application in SchoolFront to: 

  • Track all interactions with the prospective family.
  • Keep the family engaged and actively involved in the management of their application. 
  • Keep the admissions process moving and avoid stagnation of student applications. 

Applicable System Roles

  • Administrator
  • Admissions

Prerequisite Steps

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Select Admissions from the left-hand vertical navigation menu. 

2. Select New Program Application at the top of the grid (next to the green plus icon).

3. Select an appropriate Program from the Program Name drop-down menu. 

4. Select a staff member from the "Owner" drop-down menu--this is the main person who will manage this application on the admissions staff. Only staff members with the "admissions" role in SchoolFront appear in this drop-down menu. 

5. In the form, fill in as much or as little information as you have about the applying student. 

6. Click the Insert button to add the application to the system. 

7. Admissions-related tabs will appear on the new applicant record you created. 

8. This application can now be managed either 100% by the admissions staff, or with participation from the applying family using the Admissions Portal. 

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