Migrate Data

Migrate Data from Your Previous School Management System(s)

If you used a different system (or multiple other systems) to manage your school's data before deciding to use SchoolFront, you may want to import the data from the other systems into SchoolFront. Consolidating your data allows you to continue to access the old data and to report on it in the same way that you will access and report on all new data that you put into the SchoolFront system.

The SchoolFront Support Team can help you to do this migration automatically by:

  1. Exporting the data from your previous system(s).
  2. Converting the data to a format that can be understood by the SchoolFront system.
  3. Importing the data into the SchoolFront system.

The Support Team for Help Using the Submit Problem Link

If you have not already discussed the migration of your school's data from previous systems with your SchoolFront liaison, please submit a request for data migration help using the Submit Problem link. A member of the Support Team will promptly respond to your request and determine what must be done to move your data.

Note: For most data, migration is a fairly straightforward and simple procedure. For more complex data, like the porting of a course's grading structure or rubric, it could constitute a more complex undertaking. In some cases the Support Team may need access to your other system(s) to determine the best means of migration.

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