Medical Related Communication

Medical Office staff members can use this to manage their own communication or a receptionist can use the functionality to assign follow up communication to medical office staff.

Prerequisite Action Required

This must be done by a system administrator before this functionality can be used.

Applicable System Roles

Any staff users can do this, for example:

  • Administrator
  • Medical

Step-by-Step Instructions

Log a Health-Related Communication (With or Without Follow-up Required)

1. Log into SchoolFront.

2. Go to Manage Health/Medical using the left navigation menu.

3. Locate the student for whom you wish to track communication.

4. Click the student to view their details.

5. Click the Communication tab.

6. Click New Family Communication. A new communication form will open.

7. Fill in the information:

Field Description
Topic Summarize the topic of discussion.
Staff Communicator Choose your name from this list, or if you are entering a communication on behalf of someone else, select his or her name.
Family Member Choose the name of the person with whom you communicated.
Student The system will auto-select the child associated with the selected family member. If the person has more than one child, make sure the correct child is selected.
Communication Date Enter the date on which the communication took place (it may or may not be the date on which you are logging the communication).
Method Select the manner in which the communication took place, e.g. email, telephone, letter, etc.
Description Describe in detail the communication that took place and any follow up information or actions that should be taken.
Follow Up Required If the family member requires further communication or other follow up action, check this checkbox.
Follow Up By If you indicated that the family member does require follow up by checking the checkbox, indicate who is responsible for the follow up communication.

All parent communications requiring follow up appear on the home screen of the teacher assigned to complete the follow up.

Close a Follow-Up Communication That is Assigned to You

If you have follow up assigned to you and have completed the follow up, you can close the communication by doing the following:

1. Login to the system. If you are already logged in, click the Home link in the upper right-hand version of your screen.

2. In the Follow-Up section, click the Edit (pencil) icon to view the communication.

3. Once you have completed the require follow up (as is detailed in the Description section), un-check the Follow-Up Required checkbox.

4. Click the Save button. The communication record will be removed from your Follow-up List.

Check if a Student Has Any Communications Logged

If you are contacted by the family member of a student and want to see if anyone else has logged any communications with the person in the past you can check.

1. Login as a medical staff member.

2. Go to Manage Health/Medical using the left navigation menu.

3. Find the student for whom you want to see related health communications.

4. Click the student to view their details.

5. Click the Communication tab. All communications anyone has logged for the selected student will appear on this tab.


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