Marking Period Exams

Marking Period Exams / Tests

In some schools exams are held school-wide during or at the conclusion of some or all marking periods. Such exams are referred to in many ways: Final Exams, Semester Exams, Final Tests, Semester Tests, etc.

Exams in marking periods can be handled officially at the school-level or ad-hoc at the course-level in the system.

School-Level Exam Configuration

When exams are configured at the school-level in SchoolFront they are weighted as prescribed by the teacher in the overall marking period grade calculation and will also appear on student report cards along with the student’s grade for the marking period. Many schools configure end-of-semester exams this way.

If a school chooses to define an exam for a marking period it does not mean that all teachers must give exams. For those who do, the exam will appear on the student report card, and for those who don’t, the field will simply be left blank or be demarcated with “n/a.”

Course-Level Exam Configuration

When exams are configured at the course-level in SchoolFront, each teacher who wishes to have a marking period exam adds the exam to his or her gradebook along with the rest of the coursework for the marking period.

Exams configured this way will be weighted as prescribed by the teacher in the overall marking period grade calculation, but will not be displayed on student report cards.

As will school-level exam configuration, exams are not required by all teachers.

Include Tests/Exams on the Report Card

As is explained above, if you want to include Exam Grades on your report card, an administrator must configure marking period tests/exams at the school-level in the Feature Administration section.

Marking Period Configurations with Exams / Tests

SchoolFront is flexible and can accommodate most Marking Period and Exam requirements. To configure the system for your school, you must figure out what your own requirements are and then set-up the system to meet those requirements.

Before you read further, make sure you understand the mechanics of marking period configuration in SchoolFront. The examples will not make sense if you are not familiar with how marking period configuration is done.

  • Click here to view the Online Help section explaining step-by-step how to configure Marking Periods.

Example Marking Period Exam Configurations

Here are some example configuration scenarios to consider as you determine your configuration.

Marking Period Exam Configuration - Example 1

For this example we will demonstrate the marking period configuration of a school with the following requirements:

School Schedule
  • Marking Period 1: 8/1 – 9/30
  • Report Card 1: 10/1
  • Marking Period 2: 10/1 – 12/23
  • Semester 1 Exam: 12/23
  • Report Card 2: 12/24
  • Marking Period 3: 1/1 – 4/27
  • Report Card 3: 4/28
  • Marking Period 4: 4/28 – 6/21
  • Semester 2 Exam: 6/21
  • Report Card 4: 6/22
Report Card Calculations
  • Report Card 1 = Average of Marking Period 1 Coursework
  • Report Card 2 = Average of Marking Period 1 & 2 Coursework and Semester 1 Exams
  • Report Card 3 = Average of Marking Period 1, 2, & 3 Coursework


Marking Period Exam Configuration - Example 2

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Marking Period Exam Configuration - Example 3

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If you need help with this configuration, submit a request for support!

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