Manage Views

Save a Data Grid View So That You Can Use it Again Later

The term "view" refers to what appears of a data grid after 1 or more filters and / or sorts have been applied to refine the records displayed using criteria specified by the user. It can take time to apply the necessary filters and sorts required to get to a certain view, so if you have views that you use frequently, you can save them rather than having to reapply your filters and sorts over and over again. Saved views can often be used in place of reports.

Save a View

1. Apply the filters and sorts you need to create the view.

- For more information about sorting, click here

- For more information about filtering, click here

2. Once you have the view the way you like it, click the little views icon at the top of the grid with binoculars:

3. Type in an intuitive Grid View Name. The name can be anything you want, but use something that will help you know what you saved the grid to do.

4. Click Save to save the grid view.

Use One of Your Saved Views

Next time you want to use the same view again, click the drop-down menu beside the binocular icon and select the name of the view you saved. The filters and sorts from that view will be automatically applied to the data grid without you having to do it yourself for each column.

Example Usage Scenarios

  • You are a Discipline Officer at a school and need to see if any students are absent from classes after teachers take attendance each day. You can configure and save one view that will show which teachers have taken attendance, and you can configure and save another view to show which students are logged absent from classes during the period. Then each period you run your two views to see when teachers are done with attendance and who is logged absent when attendance is complete.
  • You are a Homeroom Teacher and like to recognize students with birthdays, so you configure and save a view that displays student who have birthdays today. You check the view every morning at the start of homeroom and wish any students with birthdays happy birthday and give them a certificate for a free cookie in the cafeteria.
  • You are an Administrative Assistant in the school office and want to manage teachers who have not returned parent calls. You can configure and save a view of teachers who have open parent communications and run it each day to see who you need to speak with.


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