Manage RISE Forms

Create the R.I.S.E. Responsibility Forms Appropriate for Your School

The R.I.S.E. Program requires that faculty and staff submit "Responsibility Forms" (these forms are basically frequently submitted, very simple "report cards" that evaluate student attitude, preparedness, participation, and other aspects of responsibility throughout their daily activities).

In the R.I.S.E Management section, you will be able to create as many or as few R.I.S.E Responsibility forms as is appropriate for your school.

Applicable System Roles

  • System Administrator

  • R.I.S.E. Administrator

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Login to SchoolFront.

  2. Go to the Feature Administration section in the left-hand vertical navigation menu.

  3. Under the section called RISE, click "Manage Responsibility Forms."

  4. Click the New RISE Form link.

  5. Enter a RISE Form Name such as "Responsibility – School."

  6. Enter a RISE Form Description such as "Upon arriving for morning assembly, a faculty member checks the student for preparedness for school. This includes, but is not limited to: appropriate dress, I.D. card, and overall neatness."

  7. Click the Insert button. The "Objectives" tab will appear.

  8. Click the Objectives tab.

  9. Click the New RISE Objective link.

  10. Enter an Objective Name such as "Prepared for School."

  11. Enter the total number of points a student can be given for meeting the objective, for example "1."

  12. Click the Save button.

  13. Repeat for all RISE responsibility forms.


Here are some example forms you might create:

RISE Form Name

RISE Form Description

RISE Objectives


Responsibility – School

Upon arriving for morning assembly, a faculty member checks the student for preparedness for school. This includes, but is not limited to: appropriate dress, I.D. card, and overall neatness.

Prepared for School


Responsibility –Classroom

For each academic class period, the teacher fills out this RISE form for every student that is not on Contract. In order for the student to earn all of his/her points, he/she must come to class on time, with homework completed, and all proper materials, give sincere effort through participation, and interact appropriately with both the teacher and his/her classmates. This form is usually filled out within the last five minutes of the class period.

Prepared for Class


Class Effort


Class Interaction


Responsibility –Team Sports

The coach of each team sport checks the student for arriving to practice in a timely manner, bringing all required equipment, effort, and interaction with both teammates and the coaches.

Prepared for Sport


Effort at Sport


Interaction at Sport


Responsibility –Study Hall / Activities

Points are earned by arriving to the activity on time with the appropriate materials. Points are also earned for effort and appropriate behavior and interaction with both fellow students and staff. The faculty/staff member fills out the slip within the last five minutes of the activity period.

Prepared for Activity


Activity Effort


Activity Interaction


Responsibility –Independence

The students spend a good deal of time in the dormitory. The room care point entails maintaining a neat and clean bedroom. The chore point requires that the student complete his/her assigned task in the dorm. The visiting point is earned when the student exercises respect for the personal space of others in the dorm and adheres to the rules regarding lights out. Interaction is based on peer and staff interaction both in the morning and at night. The language point is earned when the student refrains from inappropriate language and voice tone. The altruism point is earned when the student haves in a charitable manner toward fellow students and/or staff members. These points are filled out each evening and during the week, while the students are in the dormitories.

Room Care












Responsibility –Job/Work Performance

See page 80.

On Time for Work


Work Tasks Completed


Work Effort


Work Attitude/Interaction


Social Skill – Bonus Point

This form is used if a staff members wants to give a student a bonus point for social skills.

Student Earned Social Skills Bonus



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