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Report layouts are controlled by the SchoolFrontSM Report Development Team, but things in the report are controlled by personnel in your school.

If you run a report and the layout is great, but you dislike the content it can usually be fixed by editing the way the content was entered into SchoolFrontSM.

Typically if you don't like something displayed in the report, there is some way for you or an Administrator at your school to change it in the system.

Here is a table of content we frequently get requests to "tweak" as well as some information about where to go in the system to change/edit them.

Common Report Content

Where to Go to Edit the Content in SchoolFrontSM

Note: You typically need to be a System Administrator to Make Changes

Student Personal Information Manager Students>Student Profile
Teacher Name Manage Staff>Staff Member Profile
School Address / Contact Info Feature Administration>School Information
Report Card Comments (if standard/canned rather than free-text) Feature Administration>Report Card Comments
Room Names & Information Feature Administration>Rooms
Test / Assessment Names (e.g. SAT, ACT, GE Scores, Regents, etc.) Feature Administration>Tests
Parent / Guardian Information Manage Families>Family Member Profile
School Logo Feature Administration>Report Card Administration
Course Name Manage Courses>View Master Catalog
Period Name Feature Administration>Class Periods
Schedule Day Name (e.g. A-Day, B-Day, etc.) Feature Administration>Scheduling Days
Marking Period Name (e.g. Marking Period 1, Quarter 1, Semester 1, etc.) Feature Administration>Year & Marking Periods
Attendance Statuses Feature Administration>Attendancee Statuses
Student Group Names Feature Administration>Student Groups


If you identified content in a report that you do not like, but that isn't in the table above or that you otherwise cannot figure out how to change, Submit a Problem to the SchoolFrontSM Support Team and we will help you out.

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