The List / Links Web-Part

Provide Visitors with a Formatted List of Links

This web-part is exactly what it sounds like, a "List of Links."

Why should you use a web-part that makes a list of links instead of just adding an HTML Content web-part and building your own list of links using unordered lists and hyperlinks in the WYSIWYG editor? Convenience and consistency, that's why.

The list of links web-part generates a beautifully formatted link list that's consistent with your page's already-striking look and feel. Also, you won't have to deal with clicking the little hyperlink icon or the toggling to the "Advanced" tab if you'd like the linked content to open in its own window--You'll have a checkbox for that when you add a link to the list. You'll also be able to re-order the list and descriptive content much more easily than if it were all just HTML in the WYSIWYG editor.

Simply put, this web-part makes the generation of an appealing looking and manageable link list easy!

Configure Link List Settings

As will other web-parts, you must click the Settings() button to configure this web-part.

There is a good amount on on-page Help () content to assist you as you configure the web-part.


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