Link Courses

Link My Courses Together in the System

SchoolFront allows teachers to link two or more courses together so that the courses can share grade categories and graded items. Linked courses can still run on separate schedules and have separate enrollments.

This allows a teacher who teaches multiple instances of the same course (to different sets of students) to only manage one instance of grade categories and graded items in the system.

When courses are linked, they share all of the following system attributes:

  • Grade Categories
  • Assignments
    Note: If you want to excuse the students from one course from an assignment required of the other course, you can enter "EX" in the gradebook in place of a grade, and the assignment will be exempted from the calculation of those students' averages.

When courses are linked, they do not share the following system attributes:

  • Assigned and Due Dates for Assignments
    Note: When courses are first linked, assignments will be shared and they will have the same dates, but the dates can be edited.
  • Teaching Team
  • Students

Applicable System Roles

System users with the following roles can do this:

  • Teacher

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Login to SchoolFront as a teacher.

2. Click the Course Enrollment Option option in the left-hand navigation menu. All courses that have been added to the system for the year will appear in the Course Management course list.

4. Locate the course for which you would like to manage enrollment and click the Magnifying Glass icon.


5. The course you chose will be highlighted in the list, and the details for the highlighted course appear below the course list.


6. Click the Linked Courses tab.

7. The Linked Courses tab displays a list of the linked courses and allows you to add or remove courses from the linked list.


8. Select the course to which you would like to link the selected course from the drop-down menu.

9. Click the Link Course button.

10. A screen will open with a summary of all course attributes that will be shared between the course. Make sure that you are satisfied with the shared attributes.

11. When you are satisfied, click the Confirm Link button to save the linking.

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