Left Navigation Menu

Left Navigation Menu

This menu is located on the left-side of the screen in green for all users. All of the sections of the application to which the user has access appear in this menu. If you click on the name of a section in the Left Navigation Menu, the section will open in the Main Window.

For even faster navigation (to cut down on the number of clicks it takes you to get to parts of SchoolFront, you can place your cursor over the orange triangles located in the Left Navigation Menu to see sub-sections and navigate directly to the sub-sections.

example left nav menu

Teacher Course Filters

When in the teacher role, an additional area appears below the left navigation menu.  It allows teachers to filter the courses that appear based on the Period the course is offered and whether or not the course is currently being offered.  A current course is defined as a course that is offered in the current marking period.  This is useful for teachers that only teach courses in specific marking periods instead of the entire school year.


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