User ID Management

Configure User ID Management / Rules

SchoolFront requires that all users have a unique user identification code that can include letters, numbers, or both. The system can either auto-generate user IDs for all or some users OR, if your school already assigns unique IDs to staff, students, and parents, you can enter your own unique IDs.

It is required that IDs be 100% unique from user to user. The system maintains user information indefinitely for historical reporting purposes, so you cannot re-use unique user IDs. This means that if a student graduates or if a teacher leaves the employment of the school their IDs cannot be reused by a new student or teacher.

Applicable System Roles

System users with the following roles can do this:

  • Administrator Users Only

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Log into SchoolFront as an Administrator user.

2. In the left navigation bar, place your mouse on Feature Administration, then Feature Administration page will appear.

3. In the Misc section, click Unique ID/User Name Settings.

4. Configure the unique ID settings for each entity in the system:

  • Click the magnifying glass icon next to each entity.
  • Click the pencil Edit icon.
Field Name Description / Instructions
Current ID # This is the number from which you would like IDs to begin being generated numerically. If you wish to start from 1, that is permissible, but if you wish to assign 4 digit ID numbers, start with 0001. If you wish to use 4 digit ID numbers, start with 00001.
Prefix Some schools have a series of letters prefacing IDs. For example FrontEdge High School may want their IDs to read "FEH1234." For the system to auto-generate such IDs, you would enter "FEH" here.
Auto Generated

If you want the system to auto-generate unique IDs using the rules you specified above, check the checkbox.

If you will be entering your own IDs, leave this box unchecked and don't bother setting up the above noted rules/parameters--if you already set them up, the system will simply ignore them.


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