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In SchoolFront "Coursework" was originally called "Assignments," however this nomenclature was determined to be confusing. Generally speaking, the terms "Coursework" and "Assignments" now mean the same thing in SchoolFront, but the team prefers the term "Coursework."

"Coursework" (previously called "Assignments") is any work that a teacher would like to track for a specific course. If a specific coursework item is graded, it is considered a "Graded Item" in the system and must be associated with a "Grade Category," which defines the grading scale and weighting for the coursework item. Non-graded coursework items can also be added to the system for tracking and reference purposes.

All coursework and related information, graded and non-graded is visible to students and parents in their personal views of SchoolFront.


Some Examples of Possible Graded Coursework (also called "Graded Items")

  • Project
  • Test
  • Quiz

Some Examples of Possible Non-Graded Coursework

  • Reading Assignment
  • Study for a Test
  • Class Notes

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