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If you want to conduct formative standards-based assessment in courses/subjects, and/or have courses/subjects that expand on your report card to include sub-topics (e.g. standards, or skills, or competencies) with scores for each sub-topic you can do so in SchoolFront.

The SchoolFront system handles these scenarios using rubrics.

Administrator Steps for Enabling Rubrics

These are the steps an Administrator user must do to prepare standard rubrics for courses.

1. Enable Rubric Usage in SchoolFront:

  1. To enable rubrics management for your school login to SchoolFront as an Administrator.
  2. In the left-navigation menu click Feature Administration.
  3. Under the Grading section click Settings.
  4. Check the Enable Rubrics checkbox.
  5. Click the Save button.

2. Create/Setup Rubrics.

3. Associate Rubric(s) with Classes or Class Sections.

Teacher Steps for Using Rubrics

These are the steps a Teacher must take after Administrators have associated rubrics with courses in order to use rubrics to grade coursework.

4. Associate a Rubric with a Grade Category.

5. Create Coursework in Grade Categories with Rubrics.

6. Grade Coursework in Gradebook Using Rubrics.

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