Hide Custom Tab

Hide a Custom Tab So That It Cannot Be Viewed/Used

Because deleting a custom tab will delete all associated data from the system, we currently prevent users from deleting custom tabs without help from the SchoolFront Support Team. This allows us to ensure that customers do not inadvertently dispose of important system data requiring a data restore from backup.

The good news is that you can "hide" custom tabs from users without deleting the tabs and you can do so without help from the SchoolFront Support Team.

Applicable System Roles

  • Administrators

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Login to SchoolFront as a system administrator.

  2. Go to Feature Administration in the left navigation menu.

  3. In the section called "Students" click "Custom Tabs."

  4. On the "Custom Tabs" page, click the name of the tab in grid on the "Custom Tab" page.

  5. Then click the "edit" link (next to the pencil on the "Details" tab.

  6. Un-check the "Enabled" checkbox.

  7. Click the "Save" button.

Note: If you genuinely want to delete a custom tab from the system and do not care if associated data is deleted, contact the SchoolFront Support Team for help.

We suggest that you hide the tab while you wait for the SchoolFront Support Team to help you to delete it so that other users do not unwittingly add data to the custom tab.

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